Benchtop Multimeter PROMOTION, Truevolt, TRMS AC, 100Ohm ... 1GOhm34465A

34465A - Benchtop Multimeter PROMOTION, Truevolt, TRMS AC, 100Ohm ... 1GOhm, Keysight


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Benchtop Multimeter PROMOTION, Truevolt, TRMS AC, 100Ohm ... 1GOhm

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34465A - Benchtop Multimeter PROMOTION, Truevolt, TRMS AC, 100Ohm ... 1GOhm, Keysight


Toote tehnilised andmed
AC: 100 mV ... 750 V 
DC: 100 mV ... 1 kV 
AC: 100 uA ... 1 A 
DC: 1 uA ... 10 A 
6-1/2 Digits 
3 Hz
300 kHz

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PROMOTION: For a limited time, from 01.02.2024 until 31.08.2024 customers who purchase a qualifying power supply, digital multimeter, data acquisition system, source measurement unit, or waveform generator have the opportunity to receive a free complimentary product. Alternatively, customers purchasing a qualifying digital multimeter or waveform generator can choose a memory upgrade for their instrument instead.
Options include:
1232A Handheld digital multimeter
U1733C Handheld LCR meter
11059A Kelvin probe set
34307A Thermocouple kit.

To claim the offer, customers must submit their claim and provide purchase information at www.keysight.com/find/ChooseRewardClaim
Claims are accepted up to 90 days after the qualifying product was purchased during the promotional period.

Teave perekonna kohta

Gain greater measurement insight at low current resolution. Keysight's Truevolt digital multimeters (DMMs) give you fast insights, measure low-power devices, and maintain calibrated measurements using new patented technology.

  • Histogram, bar, and trend charts on color graphical display ease monitoring and speed up statistical analysis
  • Auto-calibration feature maintains measurement accuracy throughout the day, delivering products your customers can trust
  • Your instrument includes a BenchVue software license (BV0001B)
  • Digitizing and advanced triggering are included for 34465A and 34470A
  • Test low-power devices with 1 microamp range and picoamp resolution
  • Truevolt technology helps you measure with greater accuracy, lower noise, and lower measurement error

Legaliseerimine ja nõuetele vastavus

REACH-määrus SVHC puudub


Päritoluriik Malaisia (MY)
Tootja Keysight
Kogukaal (sh. pakend) 5860 Gramm
Mõõdud (koos pakendiga) 390 x 325 x 260 MM
Tolli number 9030310090
UNSPSC (v5.03) 41113630