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Würth Elektronik group boasts sales operations in 43 countries, with 16 globally distributed production plants. Founded in Germany in 1945 by Adolf Würth, the present-day group comprises three companies, each with distinct electronics design and electro-mechanical manufacturing specialities. Würth Elektronik eiSos is headquartered at its PCB (printed circuit board) production plant in Niedernhall near Hohenlohe, while another manufacturing facility at Waldenburg produces components such as capacitors, ferrites for inductors and filters, transformers and optoelectronics (LEDs). Würth also produces slide and miniature PCB switches, used with boards manufactured in Germany and Asia under the supervision of its CBT division. Components can be designed to the customers’ specifications for applications such as industrial safety and control systems, LED and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), metering and domotics (or home automation). A third part of the group is based at Niedernhall-Waldzimmern, designing and producing intelligent power control systems, from individual components to complete solutions for industry, agriculture and construction. Additionally, Würth has three decades of valuable experience in automotive electronics. Engineers and technicians from Würth Elektronik work in partnership with vehicle manufacturers on development projects, from the original concept stages through to series production.


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